Peelable Paint

Peelable Paint

For those of you who don't know, peelable paint is similar to a wrap where it can later be removed however, it is sprayed on to the vehicle in layers in a professional spray booth, and gloss applications can be sanded, cut and polished (just like regular paint) should you get any defects in it.

The main benefits of this over a vinyl wrap is that there are no joins, overlaps, glue lines, bubbles, debris under the film or risk of failure on edges and deep recesses. The ultimate benefit is that peelable paint does not have the horrible orange peel texture that you find with vinyl wrap due to each panel being flat sanded and polished to perfection leaving a glass like showcar finish.

Peelable Paint - £2,500 (This service includes full flat sanding removing all orange peel for a better than OEM finish)

Optional Extras
Wheel Colour Change - £90 per wheel
Ceramic Coatings & Interior Protection - POA

We can also offer finance on your Peelable Paint application from as little as 98 pence per day.

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